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Hey there, I’m Stefan Caraiman, welcome to my blog!

I’m just another random DevOps Engineer in the sea of IT folks that is into FOSS(Free and open-source software), DevOps(duh!), the “cloud” and security related topics.

This website will serve as a way for me to share my knowledege, opinions and stories from my tech side part of my life.

What do I like? 👍

I’m into learning anything “new and shiny” as most of the folks in this area are, trying out cooking recipes, gaming at times and hanging out with interesting people.

Check out the team page for more info about “who i am” and other “fun facts”.

Why are you writing this? 💭

This blog will also serve as a way for me to remind myself that I’m continuously learning new things and that I should try and share this knoweldege with the community both as a way of giving back, but also as a way to get connections and feedback.

How often do you plan to post? 🤔

The realistic promise to myself is that I will try to write and post something tech related at least once per week.

What else?

If you ever need anything clarifying, want to comment or voice an opinion, or just want to get in touch, please go ahead. Don’t be shy!